Saying Goodbye: 5 Reasons Why You Should Remove a Dead Tree

Straight-line winds of 75 to 89 miles per hour can uproot a healthy tree, depending on the type. And dead trees are structurally weaker, meaning it could take far less for one to topple.

You may think dead trees are little more than a nuisance, but they could end up causing major problems.

Should dead trees be cut down or left alone? Here are five reasons why you should remove a dead tree on your property.

It Could Cause Damage to Your Home

One bad storm or hurricane is all it takes to uproot dead trees. Hurricane Florence destroyed 1.25 million acres with wind gusts over 100 miles per hour.

If your tree lands on your home and causes damage, you may have to pay those expenses out of pocket.

If you know the tree poses a hazard it's up to you to have it removed before a storm. Check your insurance policy and call to have an inspection done to see if you need a tree removal service.

Dead Trees Are a Hazard to Other Objects and People

What happens if your dead tree falls on your neighbor's house or their car? If your neighbor asks you in writing to remove the tree due to possible danger, your insurance company may not cover damages.

Dead trees pose a risk to more than personal property as well. Branches may break and damage power lines or passersby. If your tree falls and injures someone, you may be liable for their medical care.

You Risk Attracting Pests

Dead trees attract more than birds looking to build a nest. Termites, ants, and wood-boring insects will make their home there and multiply. And at that point, other trees in the area are also at risk of infestation.

Rats may also create nests in your tree, potentially making their way to your house in search of food.

It Costs Less to Remove Early

Dead trees can fall on homes, fences, cars, power lines, and even people. What if your tree causes damage and your insurance company doesn't cover the repairs? Those out-of-pocket expenses could cost a ton.

It's cheaper and safer to call a dead tree removal service early before any of this happens. Just don't remove it yourself or you put yourself and your home at risk.

It's an Eyesore

Face it, dead trees are ugly. If it's not Halloween, chances are your dead tree bothers your neighbors as much as it does you.

It also impacts the value of your home, since it detracts from your landscaping. Improve the look of your home and your neighborhood by removing dead trees.

How to Remove a Dead Tree from Your Yard

Having a dead tree is a danger to your home, other property, and even other people. You can't tell when dead trees will fall, only that they are at greater risk of toppling over.

So now that you know the hazards of having dead trees in your yard, how do you remove it?

If you're in the Winston-Salem area, call for a tree removal service and request an estimate.

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