Stump Grinding

Clear Obstacles From Your Yard in Winston-Salem, NC

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Do you constantly have to mow around an ugly stump in your yard? Reach out to Tarheel Residential Tree Service, LLC for stump grinding services. We'll grind down your stump to create a level surface so you can cross your yard without worrying about tripping.

Leaving stumps in your yard can also lead to problems like bacteria growth or fungus. It may promote the growth of other small trees close to it. Carpenter ants, termites and beetles may be drawn to the stump and make it their new home. Avoid all this by scheduling stump grinding. We'll eliminate the stump so you can appreciate a clear, safe lawn.

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tree stump

Discover the benefits of stump grinding in your yard

Why should you choose stump grinding over stump removal? There are a couple of different reasons. Stump grinding is:

  • Easier on the Environment
  • Less Labor-Intensive
  • Faster and Simpler

Unlike stump removal, stump grinding won't leave a gaping hole behind in your yard. You'll also be able to use the ground-down stump for mulch in your landscaping.

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