Tree Topping

Make Sure Your Tree Is A Safe Height

Discuss tree-top removal services in winston-salem, Oak Crest, Union Cross & Midway, NC with a pro.

When a tree gets too heavy on top, it is at a higher risk of snapping in a storm. This could kill the tree entirely, and it could damage your home or property in the process. Tarheel Residential Tree Service, LLC provides tree topping services in Winston-Salem, NC and the surrounding communities. Our team will cut down your tree to a healthy height so that it doesn't pose a risk to you or your property.

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worker cutting down tree branches

Know the signs that you need tree topping services

When you suspect a tree on your property has become dangerously tall, get in touch with the experts at Tarheel Residential Tree Service, LLC. You might need tree-top removal services if:

  • Your tree bends over due to the weight on top.
  • Your tree towers over your home.
  • The top of your tree has dead limbs or shows sign of disease.

Our experts will assess the tree and remove as many limbs as necessary in order to keep it healthy. Get a free estimate on our tree topping services in the Winston-Salem, NC area by calling Tarheel Residential Tree Service, LLC at 336-829-4471 today.