Tree Trimming

Shape Up The Trees On Your Property

Set up tree trimming and pruning services in winston-salem, Kernersville, Clemmons, High Point and Wallburg, NC.

Keeping your trees healthy and safe is an important part of managing your property. That's why Tarheel Residential Tree Service, LLC provides comprehensive tree trimming and tree pruning services in Winston-Salem, NC and the surrounding areas.

Our team can remove limbs that are dead or diseased, branches that are hanging over your home and limbs that may be getting in the way of your view. Plus, our pruning services will make sure that your tree stays healthy.

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tree with missing limbs and sprouting leaves

Benefit from routine tree pruning and trimming services

Tarheel Residential Tree Service, LLC recommends setting up annual or biannual tree care services. Scheduling regular tree trimming services is always a good idea because:

  • Heavy, overgrown branches are more likely to split or topple during strong wind.
  • A decaying or diseased limb could put your whole tree in jeopardy.
  • Overgrown tree limbs can hang dangerously close over your home and block your view.

Routine tree care services will keep your trees healthy and beautiful while mitigating the risk of disease or property damage. Reach out to us right away to set up tree services in Winston-Salem, NC or the surrounding area.